Created and choreographed by Tegan Peacock, Ashleigh Joubert and Bonwa Mbontsi Jomba Contemporary Dance Festival (2014) Baxter Dance Festival (2016)

The image and meaning which we project onto the physical world shift constantly, depending upon the context or framework provided. Power relations determine the frame; who we are in public and in private, our beliefs and behaviours, are framed by who has power and who doesn’t. 

We are all affected and influenced by ‘frames’, they will always be present and we as society will constantly be subjected to changing influences and powers that dictate who we should be and how we should behave. Some people choose to behave a certain way within these frameworks, some people don’t have a choice and some people aren’t even aware that they are affected.

Three dancers attempt to negotiate the contradictions of our lives, and the limitations and possibilities of who we are to ourselves and to others.