Clothes maketh (wo)man (2018)

Devised and directed by Tegan Peacock

Created in collaboration with the cast: Tegan Peacock, JC Zondi and Ashleigh Joubert

Costumes by Tegan Peacock

Tatham Art Gallery (2018), The KNSA Gallery (2018), The National Arts Festival Makhanda: Arena Programme (2018)


In contemporary society the “rules” around clothes are often not about fashion, or taste or even necessity. They demarcate difference, enforcing and reiterating societal ideas about what it is to be a man or a woman.


The implications of our clothing choices can be a liberating outlet for personal expression and self-confidence but can also be a prison, constricting our physical bodies and ultimately our true selves into certain parameters of acceptability with very few, finding the courage to challenge this.


Is fashion truly a means of self-expression or is it just a shield?