Collaborators: Tegan Peacock, Wayne Reddiar and Hannah Lax

Music: Wayne Reddiar

Design: Hannah Lax

Dance performance: Tegan Peacock

If our inner selves are often hidden, contained within a body of thought and held breath. If who we are internally is not always a true representation of the self we choose to present to the world.

If our minds and bodies experience thoughts, feelings and emotions that often wage war with each other. Are we fighting to be heard above the noise of everyday life? What is real and what is imagined? How do we break free from the shackles of our own mind and body?

This work attempts to trace the internal conversations of the body and the mind in turmoil. It is a mapping of patterns, pressures and struggles, a performative cartography of self with electroacoustic music performance by Wayne Reddiar, design by Hannah Lax and performance by Tegan Peacock.

‘Sometimes it is alright
to simply sit
And pace the corridors
of your eyelids,
With your fingers
Keeping time
Across your chest.

Perhaps chaos is a season.
A closed room
A monsoon.’

  • Hannah Lax